Monday, April 30, 2007

Daddy and Daughter

Counting down to birthdays. Betty on 2nd and Dad on 4th.
There are probably plans going on in Heaven just as they
are down here for a big party.
What about those rosy cheeks......graduating from High
I may have posted this picture of Betty last night if I did I am
sorry I forgot what happened when I took this off to redo
because of spacing. I am sorry about the spacing, I will find
out why one of these days.
So much fun to fool with these two.


On Aunt Lillie's 90th birthday. Merry brought her to her
house and Kenneth and I went down and we had a party.
She was delightful.
Jim drove down to see her today I think and stayed about
30 minutes She smiled and hugged him but was not
very talkative.
I wish her a little happiness, in her little 8 X 8 space.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rembering Betty

We also always looked forward to
celebrating Betty's birthday along
with Leonards. She would have
been 61 on May 2nd.
My three beautful girls, Betty, Merry and Judy with a few laughs while
enjoying Christmas treats.
Betty should not have left them here without her. Didn't I have beautiful
daughters? Couldn't have done it

Lop on the Delta Queen, Old Mississippi River

Leonard was 47 years old in picture on the
picture on the left. Made in Memphis in 1971.
Picture taken from the Re-Play Magazine that
Merry made for his 77th Birthday. This amazing man loved family, grandchildren,
a boat, a fishing pole, frog gigging, restoring things, his Sunday School class, old Interstate people, a plumb hammer, Mr. Bowling, Finn,
Nancy and Sarah, Houston and Willie. a good level.
Most of all he loved me for 63 years, without
He would have been 83 May 4th, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wedding bells for Jahnna and Josh

Recently married Jahnna Harvey, my great
niece, in Reisterstown, MD to Josh Groft.
Jahnna continues law school while Josh
works to support a new wife. Congratulations
Jahnna and Josh, we love you and hope to
see you two soon.
Jahnna is the only grandaughter of sister Dot.
Only one???? I share all the info I can gather on
my 32 grands and great-grands with Dot.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Two beautiful sisters Kate Croft and Kristin Croft Pedersen. A day to celebrate tomorrow with at the home of their Dad and Mom's as Kris is in town for her High School Reunion at Westminster, and also
Kate will be 23 tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed being
with old friends, Kris and a Happy, Happy birthday in
New York tomorrow Kate. I love you.
But wait,look who got to stay
behind in San Francisco.
Aiden and Keegan, beautiful and smart boys, Kris. I saw
the movie made at Grayton.


This will begin a series of photos that will lead up to May 2nd. This was when my
beautiful baby was six months old. At her first Christmas with paternal grands
Sally Leonard and Herman Patton. Her
playmate is cousin William Lawson Patton a few months older. She was
Daddy's little girl.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Con't Murfreesboro Finest

Now I get to the serious part. I would ask that my family all pray for my SS teacher. Her long time husband and partner, Clarence is very low today.Hospice has been there a couple of weeks, but Natalie has taken such wonderful care of him for several years as he has suffered from Alzheimers. He was Dad's Sunday School teacher and very brilliant man. Please pray for Natalie as she nurses and waits. The hibiscus on her desk is not nearly as big as her heart! Mum

Murfreesboro's Finest

Today my Sunday School class met with Carta Gaither. We had sad news
when we got there. One of our members, Grace Center, second from left in
first picture, had passed away this morning.
Con't next post.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I will bet I get a more current picture now! Got a call tonight from Leigh.......Thomas graduating? it is unbelievable. I lived to see a great-grandchild who graduates. Probably the only one unless I can make another four years to see Casey graduate from High School. Here Thomas, Casey help Popa celebrate his 80th birthday. That will be three years ago on May 4th.
Casey is as tall as Thomas now. They will send me
a picture tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I wanted to post a little news and selected the wrong picture, however couldn't look any better, it is a bit small but I know it is Joe and Mike or Shannon at Grayton Beach . The little Miss Cutie to the left is Mike's little daughter Isabelle, better known as Issy.My newsy item is that Jan and Richard O'Neal are going to stop by my house tomorrow and they wanted to take me to eat. We will see about that but it will be good to see them. Richard came several times before they moved to South Georgia and he and Dad went fishing. The last time we saw them was when they came for our 50th wedding anniversary party in 1995. Leonard was certainly fond of Richard

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Abigail Anderton

Friday night found me indulging - I mean, overindulging - in crab legs. My Number Three granddaughter called and ask to treat me to crab legs, my favorite, at Chef Wang's. It was a happy time for Abby and I to be together. Abby is pictured here at Pop's 89th birthday party holding one of her favorite babies. What a precious baby, Craig and Leslie.

Abby had a sort of bad day on Friday so we just smothered that over with crab legs. Thank you, Abby, for a delightful evening with my granddaughter. Family, isn't she a beauty?

Murphy Patton

I remember visiting my great Uncle and
Aunt, Dana and Hazel in Detroit. It was
amazing to me that they had a Murphy
This is a Murphy bed.
Murphy loved Judy and Louis' bed in the log cabin that Hugh and Natali had to make him one.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Graduation time and Wedding Bells for 2007

Standing on the other side of Becca, the graduate, and her Dad, is Josh. With that we continue to the right
side of the blog. Josh with his
chosen mate, Melissa Blankenbeckler.

I hope that is right. It seems
to be the plans of Josh and Melissa to tie the knot a
little tighter in August. We can hardly wait, she is such
a sweet addition to our family. This will make four
major events for Hugh and Natali's family this year.
I wish great blessing on each one of their children.

Hugh with his two precious children, Becca and Josh

Becca has brought exciting news from Kennesaw State University. She thinks
In May they might declare her finished.
Becca said she just finished her last college presentation, and all her papers have been turned in,
so all she has left to do is finals. She thinks this is the
HOME STRETCH for her school days. I think she is planning some kind of work in counselor or mediator
in working with Juveniles in Juvenile Court. I believe
she has done some interning there last summer. I can say this: it is very rewarding work............... but our little bity girl? Josh may be of help in certain

Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on Kirill

I will log in with Mother's ID and give you an update on Kirill. He called a few days ago and said that he had been told where he would go after "A" school. I think I have this correct...

He has been told that he will be stationed at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California. He will be assigned to Strike Fighter Wing Pacific VFA-113 the "Stingers" assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan. He will be working on F/A-18C Hornets. The "Stingers" make regular six-month deployments to the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Gulf. Between deployments VFA-113 is either training at home in Lemoore or on training detachments to various bases including NAS Fallon, Nevada. The USS Ronald Reagan is scheduled for sea duty in 2008.
He should be able to come home for a visit after finishing "A" school around May 18, 2007.

Ken and Gwen with our only Aunt

Aunt Lillie who is 90 had surgery last Thursday and according to her daughter,Pat she did well. The surgeon talked with Pat and said everything went as planned, no complications. This is
surely a praise for our family.
Remember this sweet lady in your prayers.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Navy Airman Kirill Nikolayev and Marine Recruit Yegor Nikolayev

Here they are. Having fun somewhere in Ukraine.
Prehaps mother will tell us just where, could be the
Black Sea.
Both are doing good. Left Kirill now in San Diego,
and Yegor still recooping in Parris Island. Kirill can
see the posts, Yegor, not yet but prehaps soon he can
have his laptop with him.

The Wind Beneath my Wings

My three wonderful children! The ones that empty
my garbage, replace light bulbs, invite me to wonderful meals, take me out to eat, move my furniture, teach
me how to spend my money, see to it that their
children remember me. hehe. Judy in Fla on the beach and having some continuing education classes told Abby to be sure to call me. Abby did not say so but I know this wonderful daughter. Merry getting a little rest at Northcroft, can't paint because I keep sending her stuff to do, Hugh filled out my tax on line and<> and said you have to pay money. What would I do without these great puffs of wind. They keep me out of trouble.
Not a bad daughter-in-law either......she too, is my daughter,

Johnnie Hudson, Katherine Hewgley, Gwen Floyd

These three girls always had lots of troubles! And thank the good Lord we had strick parents. This is back in 1945, and we don't look like the Dallas Cheerleaders, however I believe we had lots more fun than they do today.
First cheerleader is Johnnie Hudson, a part of our trio. Johnnie is deceased, the year was l993, she had her reservation make to attend our 48th class reunion. She became worse and could not make it
and died early spring.
The other two are in constant contact with each
other, despite all the years since graduation in l945.
Friday 29th day of April I will be going to her house in Donelson for lunch. There will be so much to
talk about. She is Katherine Hewgley Bryan. I love
her like a sister. Both of our boyfriends of this date are deceased, however we had the most wonderful husbands in the world, both leaving us within a couple of years of each other. GO PURPLE TIGERS
Another for the archives, Kate.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Edsel and two of his sons...

My brother Edsel, with two of his sons. Chris, from England, here for a visit with his family and Mike Floyd.

Mike (center), named for his grandfather, Jesse Elroy Floyd, passed away on the 18th of January, 2007. How good it was to be with him this night last July, at Paulette's Christmas in July.

The photographers were there too.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Chadboy with his Aunt Merry will be leaving DC for South Georgia tomorrow for special training. He got to meet Aunt Merry and Uncle Terrence in Washington and share breakfast or at least one meal.

Good luck to Chadman and we ask special blessing for the family.

Our missionary family

Somehow this beautiful picture got deleted from my blog. I am trying to get it back on.

It is exciting to get a message from Niger.

It makes me happy to know that I am a

little part of this sweet family. They are

doing my work, my wittnessing, answering for me the command of our Heavenly Father to go to all parts of the world, and open up ancient doors so that the King of Glory may enter.

God bless each of you and I am asking that He stay close in your midst.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kirill Nikolayev in Work Whites

Hello From San Diego,Coronado Island
Airman Kyrylo Nikolayev

love to Chad, Lisa, Kyle and Gaege Anderton

Today I am remembering Gaege Anderton, along with his,
Mom, Lisa and brother Kyle. I think either today of tomorrow Dad, Chad will be leaving his family for his training in Georgia. I will be thinking of Lisa as she keeps the home fires burning as Chad is away. We love you and what better spot could you be keeping the fires going than on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay? We do not ask for good luck, we ask for all blessings for your family.

Birthday Wish

I want to wish a very happy birthday today to my wonderful son, Terrence and great-granddaughter,Morgan Croft. How special is it to share your grandads birthday. Love to both, Nana

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yegor and Kirill Nikolayev

Here they are! My two newest grandsons! Two of the Sweetest and bravest boys in the whole United States of America. They joined our family from Ukraine in October of 2005, immediately applied for a green card. When the green card came in the fall of 2006, after making a trip back to Ukraine to visit friends before joining the Marines for four years they went to the recruiting station and Kirill, had changed his mind and joined the Navy. He is through with basic training in Great Lakes and is now in San Diego. He wrote me that he was the happiest man in the world, going to San Diego. On the left is Yegor, joining the Marines, was here until after Christmas then left for Parris Island for his training. He was hurt during some of the training and had to have surgery on his shoulder which was out of place. He is doing well and hopefully recovering there and his training will be resumed soon. He had done so well that as he was preparing to leave his outfit, his DI said He would swap every man in there for five Nikolayev's. If he had five Nikolayev's and five rifles he would win this war. Keep our two young men on your hearts and in your prayers as they serve their new country. They will become citizens as quickly as possible.

Just take a look at the beauty of this couple who, both,
turned 90 last fall. What a couple and my goodness,
how Leonard loved his brother, Robert. It was a very
sad thing that we were not able to see them during the
last four years very often. Along with Robert and his
loving wife, Jean, there are your cousins, William, and
wife Mary Ann, and Charlie with his wife, Kathy, This was a day of celebration last year. I am also happy to report that they are both
doing better since the picture than they were for a few weeks before. We love
you very much. Kathy has been so faithful to keep us informed about their
health. "We are all together on t his journey of life, sharing each others joys
and sorrows." ssf

Katheine the Great

Katherine, thank you for your sweet comment to my blog. I am so glad that
you are saving the old pictures in your
archives. Here is one that belongs there.
I remember this day so well! Your mother went to a nursing home on Tuesdays, I believe, and you had just
been brought home from hospital the day before. She wanted me to drive and we went to the nursing home. When we
opened the front door we could hear
the people in a big double room singing
along with Merry's friend who was there
with his guitar leading the patients in
singing. We got inside the front door and
Merry started singing loud and everyone started looking and when we walked
into that room the faces of those old people lit up like a flashlight, Merry never
missed a beat singing the song and went from old person to old person putting
this beautiful baby in every arm. You will never have any way of knowing what that did for those sweet old people. I told Merry it was magic! She said it would have been the same thing if it had been a puppy. Kate, you have never lost your
The secret is out, now your father knows that we took you out that day. I love you.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Who could ask for anything more?

Double your pleasure, double your fun. A slumber
party that will last two nights. Tonight and tomorrow.

We hope your
ears don't burn.
Dotty Dean is
coming in a few
minutes and we have lots of things to
cover tonight. Just look what 80 years has done to those sweet little girls
showing off their lovely mother. in 1929
Detroit, Michigan.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Parade

He'll be the most handsome fellow in the Easter parade!
Thanks for great e-mail, Sally. I hope this will keep us in touch. Here is where your Uncle was laid to rest, beside
Betty and near your grandparents.
Johnnie is on the right of our stone.
This was the day the stone was put up.
Gerry and I were up there yesterday
checking things out and went to the
Easter program at FBC last night. She spent the night.
Have a great Easter morning.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Joey

Out there somewhere!
Since no one cooperates I am skipping and going directly to the man of the hour, Joe, Number 42.
I am glad he got to go to the game with his Dad,
and even more I hope he has a wonderful birthday.
Happy birthday Joe, and have a great fun filled summer. I hope I get to go
to Atlanta sometime this summer and maybe I can see you play ball. Each
time I see your sweet face and think of you, it goes straight to my heart and
makes me so glad that God let me be your great-grandmother. Each thought
of you puts a little happy in my day. God bless!

Wee Will

Align LeftI believe I should have started with # 1 and gone all the way up to # 47.
That would be young Wee Will Sabonis-Chafee. Here he is with his Mimi.
We will get to him one of
these days, meanwhile why
not start again with #2.
If every one wants to edit
the # 47 and make it a #1
I wish you would..............
Not me, I don't know what
I am doing at best.But
having fun doing it. Take a
close up look at that little

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Our Missionaries in Niamey/Niger

How exciting to have a hit
from Niamey on our new
blog! I am so happy to be a part of this family,this
circle of love, place of
rest, bastion of peace.
When every other source
of comfort fails, this is
where I return. To dwell
on this family......and I thank God for His being in the midst.
We love you, and appreciate you.
God Bless,