Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Betty and her life partner

Betty with her first best friend Merry.........and with her last best friend Aubrey.
I hope you think of me as much as I think of you.
Happy Birthday.......5/2/46
Good Night Little Drummer

On a College campus or at the opera...

continuing the dash from

1945 - 1995

This precious man enjoyed the outdoors and everything that he could learn from it.

We were at Berry College for a week-end and he enjoyed
the old water wheel. He's walking.........this was approximately
15 years ago,.........................Happy Birthday, my darling,
I know you and Betty are celebrating just as you did before.

Terrence's Christmas gift to Merry was tickets to Phantom of
the Opera. It included tickets for her parents. This was a
lovely night. Leonard is pictured here at the club before dinner.
My heart is still overflowing with love for him, and I so look
forward to seeing him again........

Birthdays Not Forgotten

Looking through the window of time, I still see that beautiful face, a loving husband and father that made my life precious. May 4th, I will celebrate the day he was born and the part of his life that was given to me.
I thank him every night for his love. It couldn't
have been more or sweeter. I had the best of
the best.

Likewise, on May 2nd, my first daughter was born, leading the
way for our stair steps of children that came, almost yearly, after her. She was 56 in this picture, can we believe she would be 62.
She loved her family and tried to make everything perfect for
them. She was especially convinced that she could make a
perfect life for three little boys she adopted. She gave them all
the love she had. It is our prayer that some day they will have
the life she wanted for them. I love you darling, Betty.

Smile with me as we reflect on the memory of Birthdays gone by...for the gift was truly ours.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was hostess today to my wonderful
Sunday School Class, the HOPE class.
We feel honored that we also have a
political party who are the "Hope"
Party. We had 15 for lunch. Judy and
Natali came about 10:30 and put the
food on plates and served them and
offered tea, coffee or water. What a
help they were to me. I got to sit
with the ladies until lunch was ready.
Wish my other daughter had been
here too. Judy made the pictures and
put them on from her house, so I am
trying to write from the pix she put on.

These pictures were made before the ladies
got here, I think she put these on here to
make you homesick. You will think that
my operator got carries away with the
razor blade, pretty short. Natali made a
plate of her baked egg white drops and
I can't leave them alone. Since you are
the only one who looks and comments
we will say have a great trip to NY and
enjoy Kates 24th.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OUR DASH ! Number 1

Actually, Leonard and I did not know

each other when we were little. I just

became so good with my computer

(with a little help from grandson) that

I took him out of a picture with his two

brothers and put him right in that

little red wagon where Dot had been.

Our parents knew each other and his parents

were always held in highest esteem by

my parents. Leonard came from a

wonderful home, for which I continue

to thank God. I loved his parents just as I

did my own. I visited in their home

on most date nights, because his father

operated a dairy barn and he had to

help there at night. He would rush in,

change his clothes, go to the barn

with his father, and do his chores. Then he

would rush back to the house, shower, dress, then

off we would go on our date. He did his

thing, then we had to do mine. It was

off to the evening worship service.

How I thank God for these four won-

derful people who gave us life, tended us during

formative years, then supported

us in our marriage...Well, it lasted

60 1/2 years!

This picture made in Auburn, Ky at

my grandmother's, just five weeks

before we married.

What a wonderful, handsome man I

married. The one that God had

selected for me long before we, the

little three and five year old children in the wagon,

were even born.
His dash was completed 12/8/05.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ms Catherine turns 99 years young!

Catherine Pyle Rowland

18475 Kiely Drive, Apt 512

Chesterfield, MI 48047


On July 27th we will, with boldness, wonder and
expectation, greet you, Catherine Pyle Floyd Rowland

and send our love to you on this great occasion. We look

back to all that was good yesterday and in hope, face forward,

ready for today. We proclaim that:

Wherein Catherine has been a member of the Floyd Family for

(long enough).

Wherein Catherine has been the oldest member of the Floyds;

Wherein Catherine has recieved every award for oldest attendee;

Wherein Catherine has attended all reunions since the beginning;

Wherein Catherine has brought with her, her wonderful children;

Wherein Catherine always has her wonderful smile;

Wherein Catherine gives us the greatest outlook on life possible;

Wherein Catherine will be 99 years old on April 24, 2008;

We proclaim the 2008 Floyd Family Reunion, the Catherine Pyle

Floyd Rowland day.

We salute you Catherine and the entire Rowland Family who will

be celebrating this great milestone birthday. Perhaps you should

start practicing for 2009, I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Time for God...

Let me show you what Merry and I did when she last visited...

Using colored file folders, glue, scissors, a small sharp knife, a cutting board and an inexpensive, large-print paperback NIV Bible (about $13.00 when ordered from the International Bible Society), we divided the Bible up into six smaller books (Merry had permission from her pastor) so to make it easier to spend time with God. His word being our greatest gift, we decided to spend more time getting to know the author! We study our Bibles in various classes but these little easy-to-hold and read books are just for our pleasure. Our goal is to read the Bible through like a novel.

Thought I would share how we did it with you, in case you too want you very own set!

<----Your supplies

(The hard part!) Gently remove the cover from your NIV Large Print Bible.---->

<---With a sharp knife and one hard, smooth stroke, cut your Bible into sections.

We used these section selections:

1. The Five Books
*(Genesis through Deuteronomy)
Origins of the Jewish race and culture.

2. Old Testament History Books
*(Joshua through Esther)
Continued history of the Israelites. They moved into the land of Canaan and established a kingdom that lasted almost 500 years.

3. Book of Poetry
*(Job through Song of Songs)
These books concentrate on questions about pain, God, life and love. 4. Book of the Prophets *(Isaiah through Malachi) During the years when Kings ruled Israel and Judah, God spoke through prophets. Their primary role was to call God's people back to Him.

5. New Testament History Books
*(Matthew through Acts)
Four accounts of the life of Jesus and the good news he borough to earth. Each of these books has a different focus and a different audience.

6. The Letters
*(Romans through Philemon [Paul's letters]
Hebrews through Revelation [other letters])
The young church was nourished by apostles who set down their beliefs and messages in a series of letters. First 13 such letters written by Paul who led the advance of Christianity to non-Jewish people.


Once you have divided the Bible into sections, fold the scored line of your file folder, making a 1/4" pocket that will hold the text. With folder folded, measure and cut along the length of the folder, then flatten, measure and cut along the width. Our measurements were 9 1/4 x 6 1/4, but that will depend on the size of your Bible.

Title each section with the above suggested information (or any titles you prefer). Run a line of glue down the center of each folder, between the two creased lines. Align the spine of each section with the glue and prop up between two supports (we used cans) until glue is completely dry (at least six hours or overnight).

I could hardly wait for mine to dry. I've started with the New Testament, and I'm already on Chapter 20! What a wonderful project to do with my daughter. Great idea, Merry! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

We Raise our Voices in Grateful Praise for Family

For the pleasure of seeing the great provision, for the pleasure of hearing other voices and music, for the delight of knowing - feeling this blessing of family, for the pleasure of laughter and gathering us in families: I praise.
This is the blending of all experiences into - the excitement we call life;
For this I raise my voice in grateful praise, for all my children.
Merry and I enjoyed cooking a meal for Judy and Lou, after seeing a dozen or so patients at her backbreaking job, we knew it would be great if she didn't have to heat up the peanut butter when she got home.
You have all experienced it, around the kitchen table at Mom's house.
Merry and I are working on our "Time with God" Bibles and all the other stuff we can squeeze in and as always grateful for our times together.