Friday, June 27, 2008


This almost tells a story of a great love and friendship from beginning to the end. The picture of a grown-up Kate and her grandfather, was made shortly before he left me with all these grandchildren to love. The other grown-up one was on cruise to Nassau. Many on our
trips to Captiva and Northcroft. They were a team. The last five pictures tell the many faces of Kate- - -As a Kitten, a Flutterby, a Princess, a Cowgirl and
as Raggedy Ann. Always the actress and center stage in her parents world!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More sweet birthdays in June...

June has been a busy month of birthdays in our family, too many to number! But, special mention, here at the end of the month, is Daddy's little sister, our 92 year old Aunt Lillie. She is now living in a nursing home in Austell, Ga (Brian Center Nursing Care, 2130 Anderson Mill Road, 30106, if you want to send her a card). Kenneth sends her many cards and packages to help keep her in touch with the distant family. Merry visits every few weeks and says that, although a bit sad, she still has her infectious laugh (for those of you who remember it) and is a joy to be around. So Happy Birthday Aunt Lillie! Today I will WAP (whisper a prayer) in thanksgiving for your life.
Always smiling, Aunt Lillie in her younger days (forward left) at wedding of Mike and Rochelle. Also seen, mother (Macon Floyd), William Dorris, me, probably Dad behind me and Judy.

You thought I forgot you...didn't you Abby? NEVER! How could I forget our baby girl? Abby's birthday is the same day as Aunt Lillie, 6/29.
Happy Birthday, Darling. You grow more beautiful with each year.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just look to see who turned another year older and
guess who wishes much happiness and
much love from that house full of

I should have called but never did think about it until
it is too late, but I enjoyed my phone
wishes from Jacob and the boys.
I believe he was spokesperson.

Could there have ever been a more beautiful baby
anywhere than this one held so
tenderly by her big brother.

Your mother was so proud and enjoyed
dressing you in beautiful little
clothes, such as this little yellow dressing gown.

I wish you a good year and I love you.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pa'pa' loved his babies.

1. Chad, Rob, Becca, Abby and Josh 2. Nana and Chad running
2. Pop, Nana with Chad 3. Pop with Kate, Captiva Island
4. Pop with Casey 5. Pop with Abby
6. Pop with Abby two years later 7.Pop with Thomas
8 Pop with Morgan 9. Pop with Gaege
I will post the rest of them as I find them.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work combined with love equals satisfaction

Granddaughter, Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca on her new job. She is employed at a place
where uncared for and unwanted sometimes injured
children are sent. It is affiliated with Emory.
One problem, she falls in love very easily, and wants
them all to take home. What a wonderful heart she
has for the little sweet ones. She is enjoying her work
and is a great asset to her co-workers.
We are proud of you Becca, what a heart!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Guess who has a birthday today?

I am invading the Queen's Blog to wish her the Happiest of
God bless you and keep you, just for us!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I find myself so privileged to be sitting in the mist of this great group of
ladies once a month when we have our monthly Sunday School Class
luncheon and meeting. I am surrounded by the best that you find, the
Hope Class, teacher Natalie Chesnutt.
The ladies, Margaret and Frances ----Hazel and Oma----Doris, Frances,
Loraine and Natalie----Barbara and Mable
The last picture shows the winner take all, Margaret taking in the money
Well we make little donations at these meetings and on Sunday morning
to do some special projects, Margaret our Treasure is raking in the gifts.
I wish all of you could hear our wonderful teacher, what a gift and
Thank God for the Gift

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Merry's going to Amelia
Island this week-end.
The rest of us will be
remembering a life well
lived, and reminiscent
of days gone by.
As the Lord said in the
book of Matthew "I tell
you the truth" we are a
family of doing.
Did I tell you that Yunel
Escobar hit a home run
tonight, winning the game
in the 10th.I didn't have to
look thatword up in dictionary and
it is spelled correctly. Just so you know I am keeping up with my mind. Be of good courage
and your heart and your back will be strengthened.