Friday, January 29, 2010


Boop was a gift to Leonard, shortly after he got sick and was confined to his chair much of the day. Merry thought the bird would keep Dad company and perhaps he could teach him to talk.

This was just after Betty went to Heaven and I wanted to name him a name that would remind us of her. Her pet name at her office was Betty Boop. One day as I was cleaning his cage when he flew out scaring me badly. I said, "You little old Birdie Boop". That was his name from then on. Can you imagine some business on the Internet asking, "What is your pets name?"---------Boop.

Well, Boop did entertain; he would fly to Leonard's tray when I took him his meals. Leonard allowed him to sit there and he would pushed things he could have to eat to the edge, but he was not allowed to put his feet on his plate! Boop sang cheerfully as they spent long days together on the sunny back porch. He was a good companion and it was sad when he was found dead in his cage early this year.

I prepared a little box and made him a nice casket but was not able to dig a grave for him. I put the box in the freezer and it stayed there until this week when Merry was here, and she provided a decent funeral and only Merry would. ;)

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Story of Dot, Gwen, Ed and Ken


Barking dogs- A yellow cat, Basketball - A baseball bat,

Piano playing -Mother singing, Daddy praying -Telephone ringing

Children coming - Children going, Mother cooking - Mother sewing

Brothers fighting - Sisters scratching, Blue jean knees - Need a patching

Books and music - Jack-in-the box, Tonsils - Measles, a hole in my socks

Paper dolls - Dot and Gwen, Cars and Trucks - Ed and Ken

Baby sister- In her bed, Looks like Elroy -Someone said

Company coming - All the time, Preachers, kinfolk - Come to dine

Kids bring friends -Home from school, Bring them all - Daddy's rule

Potatoe Salad - Chicken to fry, Egg Custard - Chocolate pie

Happy days - Come to me, From my bank - Of Memory

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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Baby Turns 60!

This Celebration started with the love of a good woman who prepared a wonderful feast for the one she loves...then together, they shared it with us...

Hugh's 60th Birthday Celebration from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Syracuse: Sharon, Old Ivory, OH MY!

My brother took me china shopping, and I must admit I'm excited, but I have to pick between the following two!

Top two pictures are the Sharon
pattern, Old Ivory, Syracuse China.
One Hundred Twenty nine pieces.This one features
the Demitasse Cups and saucers.

The second two pictures is the Selma pattern,
same Old Ivorty, Syracuse China, with
One hundred fifty nine pieces.
My favorite feature of the Selma is the
Bouillon handled cups and saucers.
Thanks, Kenneth for all you do...
I've always loved dishes!!!

Rerun...An Archive Favorite

As Time Goes By from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

(The blogger video site is down and I just couldn't stand for this not to play, so Merry uploaded it to her video web account to use while mine isn't working.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He can do it, Nicholle, see.

These two cuties will keep things in order and there
won't be anything funny about the whole wedding.
Enlarge to see those innocent faces.

Zoe was even ring bearer at this wedding.

I believe Ozzy could do so for you.

He, Michael, did a beautiful job for Jahnna.

Now all you have to do is practice.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kirill

Monday, January 11, our Navy Grandson will
be 23 years old. This will be his last year in the Navy, unless
decides to make a career in the Navy. Our family all wish you
great day and wish you quick recovery from the "accident"
Be careful in the snow. Does a plane have a pilot? Well our
Nikolayev boys are going to experience every exciting adventure
available. Enjoy your life, Kirill and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Posted by Picasa Counterclockwise: L top USRR docked back in SanDiego

Kirill in the deep

The plane he keeps in order ready to go

Back home after 6 months at sea

Kirill's plane ready to go

Big conversation

Snow Boarding, best part of the Navy

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miss Macon's birthday 1/8/05

Posted by PicasaYesterday would have been our beautiful mothers
105th birthday. She would have been an
agreeable, uncomplaining lady if she were l05 today.
She loved her Lord, husband, children and families,
her neighbors and friends. She was true
and faithful to her church.
What a lady!