Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Mantels at N.Church...


In the words of the Little Red Hen..."Oh, who will help take the Mantels Down?". (Well, something like that.) Tell you what, I'll serve the bread if you want to come and join me in the putting away of Christmas, anytime between now and Valentine's Day. :)

(What did you expect me to say, "I'll do it myself'", said the Little Red Hen?)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Girls and Their's

Leigh, Abby, Judy, Kate, Merry, Gwen, Kimberly One pictures can speak volumes of words.
Can you see the love this Christmas brought to view?
The house was bursting with scenes like this one. I am a blessed mother/grandmother/great-grandmother/friend. It was indeed a very, Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I enjoyed a great visit with # 4 Grandaughter, Becca
a couple of days before Christmas.
Sad that she could not stay for the Christmas
holiday, but great to see her for a couple of hours.
Happy Christmas Darling.
I love you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A bride from Africa with Kentucky roots...

Parents, Sally and Brad proudly give newly graduated and creative artist, Emily away in marriage.
It's been a big month for Emily! Emily was born to God loving, passionate, missionary parents and raised in Africa. A combination that produced a wonderfully creative, sensitive and capable young woman for her new husband, Bobby.

SISTERS in attendance.

Geraldine and Phyllis...Leonard's sisters, (on right, Mother of Sally and Nancy and Grandmother of the bride)

Sally and Nancy...Mother and Aunt of the bride

Mary Beth and Emily...Sister of the bride and Bride

Audrey and Abbie...Bride's cousins

It was an exciting week-end for this great aunt
of the bride. So exciting to spend time
with this little family after 20 years of just
reading about them as they served
In Africa.
Sorry about the handsome brother of the bride,
now 12,
also the other sister the maid of honor.
Just did not get a picture, he was
having too much fun on the dance floor.
and Ruth's intended got there and
somehow occupied her time.
Those of our family who follow the Wombles
blog, "Because we swam with Hippos",
I am sure the entire wedding party will
soon appear.
Have a wonderful honeymoon
than back to work.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Christmas season brings us back together once more. This year Ellie opened up her house and culinary talents to the retired co-workers of the Murfreesboro Court House.

The above photo is the first of Ellie's six beautiful trees. It was a wonderland of color and sweet hospitality. Not to mention the delicious dinner!

"He has made everything beautiful in its time" Ecc 3:11

I shared a comradeship with beautiful Max.

When she moved to NY in 1968, I "tried to take her desk". When I was ready to retire in 1989 she was returning from NY and took her desk back again!

I worked with Ellie from 1968 to 1989 and off and on three more years.

What a great boss!

Lindy Lou . . . I worked with Linda at M'boro Pure Milk, then many years in Clerk's office.

Gail calls me her, " teenager idol".
(I am so glad I am not!)
She is our morale booster,
makes you feel great and

Just a guess, but I am thinking almost 150 years of service from these fantastic gals. We knew all the criminals in town and of course all the wonderful Attorneys, Judges, Law Enforcement Officers and the great fellow workers that we had the priviledge to serve with.
It is my prayer that those who took our place will continue to work tirelessly to keep the judicial system working fairly and serve with dignity and honor.
Merry Christmas, Ladies. Thank you for making my working years as good as they could have possibly been. I love ya!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Season of Joy

For years my Atlanta grandchildren pack up their children and make their annual pilgrimage to Mufreesboro, the day after Thanksgiving, to help jump start my Christmas Season. How can one help rejoicing when such an event occurs. They go down to the basement, haul up the enormous 12 foot tree, boxes upon boxes of ornaments and mantle decoration then joyously began to work. Mike, Mary, their children Joe and Isabelle, Kim, Tom and their children, Andrew, Emily and William, work tirelessly to give me back a glimpse of Christmas past.

We work until hungry and then we're off to share a meal together. What a joy, what a first gift of Christmas each year. How can I not carry on when given this kind of love. Love that is filled with replacements; when something happens and some can't make it, others fill in. I am blessed. I am blessed. I am blessed with the greatest gift of all...LOVE!

When the children are gone, it is once again very quiet, and I am alone with the familiar sights of Christmas at 600 N. Church. I feel comfort, gratitude for years gone by and grateful that I will again celebrate the birth of my Savior with those whom I love.

Now it's my turn! I will enjoy the wrapping and the
memories and the promise of Christmas!
Thank you to all who make this such a special time. I am looking forward to, once again, having the house filled with those I love. Merry, Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 6, 2009


My Beloved
5/4/24 - 12/8/05

Five/four/twenty four, means nothing-
Twelve/eight/zero five, also means nothing,
but Oh! Lord! his dash! The years he gave us between life and death.
To us that was everything.
We continue to pull from his dash, every day.

Proverbs 20:29

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