Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kirill's Big Day

Well Kirill had a big day this past Friday at 3:00PM California time when he and Lena Crylova became Mr. & Mrs. Kirill Nikilayev. Natali and I are pleased to add this new member to our family. We are hoping to bring them home for a few days before Kirill leaves in Mid-March for a sea tour on the USS Ronald Reagan.
Here are a few picture of the happly couple....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


  • A few weeks ago I ask the question "Where did the years go?" " Where did my youth go?", "Where did my babies go?.A good friend of my sister, Paulette, found them. Now aren't they precious? I am not sure but they were probably 2 -3 -4 and 5. What fun I had growing up with my precious children. They are still the wind beneath my wings. I was young and from that day to this, I trusted God to bless my youthful drive to risk making bad choices. He did bless me with children who honored me then and now. I thank Him that he gave me ears to listen, a shoulder to lean on, or cry on, and the good sense to build bridges, not walls. My girls still think I am one of them. The little boy with dark hair was a little friend, Ricky Driver.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Gwen Frances, Dorothy Dean, Mary Susan and Mikey
I love the sound of bells. The church bell reverberated throughout our little town with
urgency. It is energy, it is enthusiasm. it is noise! OH! I have just described ONE of my
favorite nephews. I have just described my nephew that, needless to say
loves me. Last September he took me, along with my sister, and his wife on a great
excursion of the old town of Charlotte, stacking us away at a National Historic Landmark,
Middleton Place just out of Charlotte. He and his wife saw to it that we saw all the lovely
landmarks, especially dolphins, and great food. Just last week he came to the Boro and
picked me up and took me to the Gaither Concert in Nashville. Just September, 2006
they took me along with them to historic Savannah. He always knows the right places
to eat, including Paula Deens. I am pictured here with my sister on that trip in 2007,
at the age of 80 and 81 Also pictured with her in a red
Wagon in 1929 at two and three. My phone rang today and when I answered, you won't
believe, my favorite baseball player Javy Lopez was on the phone. My nephew stood
in line waiting to dial me at just the right moment. I talked to Javy.
Anyone can put on a coat of paint to cover up the weathered passing of years, but
this one needs no paint. He is who he is, thank God for the Gift.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When the Coffee Perks...

Last Wednesday night my sister-in-law, Geraldine, called and asked me and my guest to dinner. Merry was spending a few days with me and we were just delighted to visit Geraldine in her home in LaVergne.

One of the first things that we observed in the kitchen, heavenly scented with home cooking, was her old fashioned coffee pot, perking on the stove. We knew, then, that we were in the friendly atmosphere of family.

Freshly perked coffee, from a stove top pot, runs deep in the veins of the Patton family. A shiny chrome pot sits waiting to be used by Natali and Hugh, Judy and Louis, and Merry and Terrence, as well as Betty when she was with us. Many good conversations have been had over a steaming cup of java that was perked to perfection. After years of drinking the dark golden brew, it stands to reason that we like our coffee very hot and fresh (and me, full to the brim)!

1) Geraldine's pot...Merry's pot...and of course my pot!

Yes, when the coffee is perking, you know something good is about to happen. Life slows down, people sit and visit for a while...or maybe even when you are alone, a morning paper is waiting to be read. There are lots of fancy coffee pots out there today, but I wouldn't take anything for that old stove top percolator, and I know a few others who feel the same way.
Thank you Geraldine, for the visit, the wonderful dinner, and for the cup of hot coffee with warm conversation.