Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Wishes to JUJU 9/1/09



I Choose Memories

It is easier to make memories than to unmake them.
It is easier to remember than to forget.
Indeed, it is quite impossible to be sure we have forgotten ~ ~
And since memory remains, we would do well to look at what
we choose to make our memories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What fun she had with her Dad in that wonderful
snow, sleigh and Sonny Boy

For such as you, I do believe,
Spirits their softest carpets weave,
And spread them out with gracious hand
Wherever you walk, wherever you stand.
For such as you, of scent and dew
Spirits their rarest nectar brew,
And where you sit and where you sup
Pour beauty's elixir in your cup.
For all day long, like other folk,
You bear the burden, wear the yoke,
And yet when I look in your eyes at eve
You are lovelier than ever, I do believe.
~ Hagedorn

Monday, July 20, 2009

Louis counted the pennies today.

Happy, Happy Birthday to Louis

I know you have had a great day and I wish
for you another great year. Enjoy mowing and stay
forever young. I love you.

Gray Gardens

I can barely wait for TEA

Monday, July 13, 2009

64 years with LOP 2005

While Dad has gone to "Rest High Upon that Mountain"
I am being looked after by our children.
And waiting for the day we are reunited.

On July 15th 1945 Leonard and I took our walk down the
aisle to become one. We honored this commitment
for the next sixty and a half years when he
left me for the first time and
made his final journey into the presence of his Lord.
The above picture was made a month
and half before our wedding, We were visiting my
Grandmother in Auburn Ky. shortly after WW II .

About 25 years later at a
rehearsal dinner I sat up
on the back porch.

Fifty year anniversary.

After 59 years of our sweet marriage,


It was a great life until the last moment.

1945 ~ 2005