Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Side of Heaven

The mountains have claimed yet another member of our family. First Merry and Terrence bought “Northcroft”, then Judy and Louis, “The Falls”, and now Hugh and Natali have been bitten by the bug. Something about those mountains that draw on the memory of their youth and make them buy a second home.

High in the Smoky Mountains, Hugh and Natali have purchased a welcoming retreat that they have named, “Heavenside”. They have shored up its walls, weeded the yard, put up a new sign and placed, in the corner, a bed for Murphy. They are ready to enjoy!

Can't wait to come visit! gp

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Pause with me as I play again in the dusty
lanes of childhood at grandpa's house.
Remember these bigger than life companions
who helped us bridge home and away, child-
hood and maturity. In their footsteps, we
made the journey. Thank you for such a
heritage and a day on which to express
our gratitude. We salute you this day.
Richard, William, Herman and Leonard
Below and bottom left the precious
father of my children.
My father, I also salute
for the Christian heritage
he gave me. Seen with
part of his wonderful
.Happy Fathers Day to my
son and sons-in-law.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

THE 13th ~ The Queen's Eighty-Second

The Queen has a birthday, I'm so glad
we will see how many she has had
as we count the pennies we are told
My goodness I am out of pennies, and I
am so proud of every year.
No one could have a better life.
I look forward to tomorrow, the trip
to Atlanta, Kate's dinner,
Terr's soft shoe dance and song,
and seeing my grandchildren I have not
seen since Thanksgiving.