Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The night before Christmas Eve, my sweet
children came to spend a little before Christmas time
with their mother.
We spent quality time together as you can see.
Be sure to click and enlarge picture, you
may miss what they are doing.
Each one enjoying a computer,
not Mother

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Linda, Max and I enjoyed breakfast with James, poor
man, he works in Juvenile now.

Seeing the beautiful faces of the " old" ones, made me
very happy. What a pleasure it was to work so
many years, and never dread the job.

But, gosh, look at the new ones. When I began in criminal
court in 1968, we had Dene, Icey, Eloise and Me.
Now look what it takes to keep up with criminals in
Rutherford County, she had somewhere in mid 30's
employed now and everyone is still stressed out.
I am still thinking on my suggestion years ago. Let the bad
people have it and make us nice condo's behind
an electric fence and let us live unafraid.
I learned an awfully lot during those years.

Thanks to Eloise for the nice breakfast. Did I
eat or talk?

There she is, the retiring Miss Juvenile Court

There's some old faces down there. At lease one that came
with us when we came to the new building
many years ago. There is one on the
end that we, Linda, Eloise, and I raised from a baby.
After moving to Judge Holloway's back office
our hardest job was looking for
the proper boyfriend for her. We found him the second time
we tried.

I am standing here with the retired world
travelers. Go get um girls.

Friday, December 19, 2008

From Pearl Habor to San Diego in five days.

Click for a good look at this 5 acre ship deck. Awesome
A great reunion after a six month tour on USS RR

Mom is glad to see her boys together again.

Almost in San Diego Harbor

Mother and Son

Here is one who would have been a great Marine

No lounges on this ship, Find me a bed!

Waiting for Lena who is mixed up in traffic.
Coming from San Francisco to pick them up.
Lena's here !

A couple of Stars in Hollywood
The pictures are just wonderful, you all must see them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is ready, it is almost time!
Can you believe it is only one week before
we celebrate the birth of our Lord,
Jesus Christ.
One week of feelings of excitement
for the little ones. There are
so few little ones in our family now.
It takes us all.
A very merry Christmas to one and all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remembering Happy Days.

You talk about traditions, I have to look back further than
most of us can remember. I am posting a few pictures of
Leonard's family, not that their traditions were more
or less than the Floyd's, but because I had sent
pictures to Sally Womble and prehaps to
Mary Jane Knox I already have the oldies on
my computer.
In top picture Leonard's lovely mother is on the
far right of back row. Now you know why
she had such a handsome son.
Mary Jane Knox Murry's grandmother is far
left on front row. Her grandmother
married one of Leonard's grandfather's
Middle picture is LOP's parents with their
first son, Robert William Patton.
Bottom pix is whole family, made on Richland
Street, Watertown.
Just gathering was tradition for that family.
His parents 3rd and 5th from right back row.
Had no other place to go.
Happy Days

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas' at PATTON PLACE

The sweetest Christmas Present that Dad and I
ever got was watching these four happy
children on Christmas Mornings.
Look at those cowboy and cowgirl outfits,
and also a sack of oranges, a sack of apples, bananas
and looks like a box of Milky Ways.
Daddy built the doghouse and where
is the dog? Honey?
a golden Cockier Spaniel.
It got no better than Christmas morning at our house.
Now put this on your blog, Merry.

Monday, December 8, 2008


With a red-gold wedding ring, mined from the caves of sunset,
Fast shall I bind thy faith to my faith evermore,
And the stars will wait on our pleasure, the great north wind will trumpet
A thunderous marriage march for the nuptials of sea and shore.

by: Lucy Maud Montgomery

You saw life in it's fullest and gave it to me.
Someday we will stand together again. I'm thinking of you today.

With love,
Your Honey
Leonard O. Patton
5/4/24 - 12/8/05