Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My brother Edsel, Mr. Watertown

Driving through Watertown the other day, I looked up and on the
side of Watertown's newest store, I saw this sign. "THE LIFE OF
MY WONDERFUL BROTHER." From school days, service in the
Army, courting and marriage to my beautiful sister-in-law, Margie.
Alderman, Mayor, Post Master, Banker, a part of Watertown Fire
Department, and once again with Margie at the naming of the
Edsel Cordell Floyd Bridge, earlier this year. A few words of my
own; Friend to all, Perfect result of our parent's upbringing, A Joy,
Dependable, On the go, Deep in his world of doing, Faithful, Mr.
Watertown, avid fisherman, and A Tiger to the core. ...MY BROTHER
Was easy on the eyes, too. I love you sweetheart! Queenie

Bill Shults is the owner of the market in Watertown and our family
salutes him for keeping memory alive in our home town.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Reason To Celebrate!

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….and I was there too, eating the good food, listening to the music and the
chatter and wishing to be there for the 50th year anniversary celebration! It can be done, you know.

Nana, the Queen

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Friend and Helper, LILLY

About thirthsomething years ago I said "How about some
help around this house, Lord. I need your help to make
homemaking a shared endeavor rather than a "Mom's
Motel". That evening at the dinner- discussion table and in the kitchen afterward with the new cleanup crew, Leonard
and Me, he allows that he knew just who I needed. He took
me to see "Lilly". We knew immediately we were meant to
be together, side by side at least two days a week. After
my friend, Waltyne, became in a worse shape than I, I offered to let Lilly go to her house on one of my days.. This was only after she promise not to love her more than she did me. She and I are almost the same age, and I beg her every
day to hold on as long as I do. The only difference in Lilly
and I is that you have to pay her to stay at home and you
have to pay me to go anywhere.
During all these years around the Patton home, Lilly taught
grandaughter Abby the blessings of home cleaning and at the
age of 19 Abby formed her own housecleaning business called
"Maid for You Cleaning". Abby cleans about 20 homes each
week including three or four Kindergartens. She has done
this through college.
We love to shop together, to go somewhere and eat together,
and we love to share our children with each other. We start
every Wednesday with breakfast and prayer.
We are having old ham in the morning, Lilly.
God bless you ...........and me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easter and the hope of Spring...


by Gwen

When has there not been a Little Patton child
to hunt eggs? Tomorrow will be a first. I think

Mickenna, Jacob, Todd and Casey will be the

young ones here. All four of these boys are

taller than I. Our little ones, and also the older

ones change with the season, but the reason for

celebrating this day will never change. I just

pray great blessing upon each family that has

branches out from the LOP Family. When you

look around you today, know the blessing of

seeing God in every smiling face. Reflect that

blessing in your own eyes, silently with a kind heart.

Meet Esther the Easter Bunny

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Monday, March 10, 2008

We know He died for us.

We enjoyed going to
church at the home
church in Watertown
on Sunday. Polly invited us to lunch and she had
a beautiful lunch. Of
course she has a cook.
I found my nephew
taking care of all my needs. Pollys two
beautiful daughters,
Michelle and Nicholle. Nicholle in pink is her
cook. Another favorite of
mine Keith, husband of
Michelle. can't believe
it but Polly actually cooked that great dinner.

Mike serving his plate with his wife not far behind.
Was such a wonderful time for our family, to all
attend church once again together. Nicholle certainly
filled our hearts with a great sense of worship. Her
solo was the greatest. I believe it was "I Believe He
Died for me. Was wonderful Nicky.