Sunday, July 15, 2012


In 1942 this handsome Senior boy walked over to my seat in Study Hall and grinned down at me - - then helped himself to half of my seat. During those few minutes that Miss Amy allowed him to sit there , he told me he was dating a girl in Lebanon but was going to break up with her that week-end and wanted to call me. That was December 21st, l942 and our first date was New Year's eve Dec.31. 1942. Today July 15, 2012 and 67 years later I am still just as much in love with his precious heart as when mine stopped that day as I saw him turn up my aisle. The ecstasy may have passed somewhat but it was replaced by something greater, because what was in part became whole. We then spent sixty years in love and raising a loving family.


juju said...

So few, now days, get to say that they had for 60 years a wonderful , handsome man, devoted to her and to his family, didn't drink and never said a cuss word ,but "short hair" and was pretty much the perfect husband and father!!! Yes, I am proud to say that is my father who I still miss each day. Your a very lucky women, Mom. You and Dad were such a team. Wish I could be so fortunate to have the love of my life for 60 years.

fweakijam said...

...everything that Judy said with a great big THANK YOU for taking such good care of Daddy so we could have him for such a long time. I know it is hard to be without him but boy
I am proud that God put you two together. I know he would be proud of the way you have carried says a lot about what you gave each other.

Happy Anniversary, Mama!


:+: Felly's :+: said...

beautiful and lovely story...Thank you Nana so much to shear your love story on the blog...really touch my heart and this remind me of you sentence "loved ones may leave you but memories nerver will"

I love you and miss you much,