Monday, July 26, 2010

Oakley's gather to celebrate....

Geraldine's eldest son, Wendell, has a birthday and all the family gather with wishes a plenty. Sixty-two years added to his life's history:

devoted siblings

A lovely wife

sisters and brother in-law

and bunches of nieces and nephews!

With all this goodness we would be remiss not to give special recognition to mothers, Carol and Geraldine and the sweet spirit of Johnny, filling the house through those he left behind.

My children and I enjoyed being part of this celebration of love.

Happy Birthday Wendell!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sister, Polly and I had a great day out, visiting our brother in Nashville,
taking a car load of boxes that she had taken after the 2010 Great Flood,
home to wash and clean and repack for him until he had once again gotten
settled in his new space. I feel absolutely fantastic tonight after visiting
his new home and realized what he and his sons had been able to savage
and clean up for the new home. Certainly the book worm that he is, he can
never replace his papers and books that he loved so much, but it is simply
amazing what was saved from his lovely "toys", statues, birds, flowers,
figurines, plates and untouchables. It looked like home to me. Both my
brother and his son, Steve, have been awesome through this whole thing
with the flood. When they were rescued by boat in chest high water, one of
the "rescuers" was out of the boat and said, "hop in". His reply, "I couldn't
have hopped in 70 years ago" So he, the rescuer, on the ground made a
stirrup out of his hands and pushed him in. My grandson, Josh, was able
rescue and restore more than 100,000 names of his genealogy and get it
from the water logged computer and into his very own new computer
with all the trimmings. Thanks to everyone who helped make this an
awesome adjustment, all who rescued "things", cleaned "things" and
return "things" at the appropriate time. To the Kopp's, who loaded and
hauled several days, provided a large garage to store, and to the teen
age son for giving up his basement living quarters for several weeks
for them to enjoy. Thanks to the Booth's who hauled furniture, cleaned
and cleaned some more, to help return some of his favorite pieces to
once again look like the wood that it was. I had to see for myself and
I liked what I saw.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Own Room - - -My Own Elevator !

Today one of my three favorite sons-in-law, Louis had yet another B-Day
He did it his way, doing his favorite thing, mowing !
While building their house he realized there was no sleeping room
for mother-in-law and changed some room, previously meant
for a media or something like that and put me a bedroom
downstairs, also promising an elevator if it became
necessary for me to reside there permanently.
You saw it here first, my own elevator !
I love you much.
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Monday, July 12, 2010