Monday, April 26, 2010

Betty Boops Birthday

1946 dash 2002
Happy Birthday my Beautiful Daughter
Thinking of you today as I do every day.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I chaperoned these Seniors on a fun trip to Jackson, TN
to see Jeannie Robertson. Also on the program was
Carl Hurley. It was a very rewarding trip.
These Seniors always make me feel good. We took
a little sack lunch and ate while driving down
and stopped in Dickson for a nice meal
on the way home.
My friend, Nancy, went along and I had a nice
arm to hang on to.
Pam Pilot, our Director for Seniors, was our
Pilot. Pam did an excellent job and our
thanks to her and our church for the trip.
It is so much fun to be a senior.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Senior Deputies

The four beautiful ladies above are part of what made my 28
years at the courthouse so pleasing. These old girls continue
to include me in lots of their outings, especially at Christmas time.
Today Maxine picked us up one by one and took us to
Manchester to a great Tea Room for lunch. You can imagine
our car rocked all the way there and back again.
During those years, work was where we, as young women,
spent most of our time. Some of us almost 20 to 30
years, thank goodness most of the time was
joyous, and what a blessing to be one of a creative, caring
unit. Thanks to these four, who lifted morale and
provided momentum to do more and do it better!
May the memories of this place, these bonds, nourish me
tomorrow. It is OK to be sad it is over!
Thank you, Lord for bringing back the joy today.
Yes ! we need to feel it again now and then!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wind beneath my wings.

I know that my children were hand selected by
God, and I praise him every day for each of them.
What a wonderful day I had with them and
their families yesterday.
Leonard and I always thought they were
the wind beneath our wings,
he would be delighted that they are still
just that for me. I wish I could picture
each one here, but I can't, but I am
picturing my Head Chef.
Ken and his family went to the first
of five services at their church,
at seven thirty o'clock,
They were here early and what
a help they were. Ken took care
of all lifting and cooking over the
stove. Anna took care of deviled eggs.
Casey took care of the egg hunt.
All 28 never stopped until the
last plate was washed and put away
in the proper place.
Every table and chair was back in the
For this I am grateful.
Did not stop with my children but
their children also.