Monday, September 28, 2009

The adventures of my Grandson and Navy man, Kirill

The collage above is from the Tiger Cruise last year, showing Petty Officer Kirill's return from 6 months on the USS RR. His parents and brother met the ship in Hawaii and returned to San Diego with him, on board the ship. There, Elana (Kirill's bride) was joyfully waiting to greet them. Again this year he will be returning from another 6 months tour at the end of October. The family will not meet them in Hawaii, but this time in San Francisco where they will sight see and take in a concert while waiting his return.
Top picture in collage Kirill is standing by the plane he takes care of, in the bottom one his
pilot has ask him to make picture of him in his plane, #303.

The ship was in Thailand several days before returning to Hawaii. Below are some of Kirill's experiences there during his spare time.

And of course, everyone has time for a little play with his civilian friends...

Which one is the sailor?

Kind of makes one want to join the Navy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Floyd Family Reunion
We Floyd's are looking forward to our annual reunion
which takes place the third week-end in October.
We will be seeing our extended families from many
states this year at that wonderful little
Commerce Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
Commerce, where our ancestors originatedPosted by Picasa
We look forward to seeing our cousin from Detroit
who has turned 100 since last October.
Katheryn is always our biggest cheerleader.
If you are a Floyd, related to the Floyd's, or
would like to become a Floyd please
meet us at the church at ten o'clock
October 17 - 18, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

And Mama makes four

Hugh has a new toy. A camera that e-mails him when a leaf
falls, a mosquito flys by of the bears head toward his jeep.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


These grandparents were happy on
Christmas,1946 to have a grandson and
a granddaughter to share this Christmas with.
Today this granddaughter is pictured on the
right with her husband just before she
left us and went to her heavenly home.
This grandson on the left with
his family. He has grown taller.
Happy MemoriesPosted by Picasa
Goodnight Little Drumer

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Today is my precious brother's birthday. How many?
Long ago the Lord blessed our family with a baby boy.
What fun after those girls ! He soon became the apple
of every one's eye, including Miss Grace Hill, my 2nd
grade teacher, who lived in the other side of the "duplex"
that we lived in. She fell so in love with this little baby.
This birth became a longtime friendship - fellowship,
between this baby boy and the community he was to
serve for many years and in many capacities as the
years rolled by. This longtime fellowship that returned
his best self, reflected like a two-way mirror, the joy
others got from just having him around. This was
received proudly by his family. Thank you for your love
of our family and thank you for the gift of perseverance
that keeps old friendships new. This is why there was a
bridge named "The Edsel Cordell Floyd Bridge" This is
why he is continued to be called on for history of this
little town, that is why Miss Grace Hill loved this baby
and why she wanted Cordell put in his name, that is
why he has been called, "Mr. Watertown" down through
the years.
That is why I adore him.