Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Betty, my Betty

Betty with her devoted husband of 38 years.

Sadly Betty will get no older but she will always be part of the stair steps that formed Betty, Merry, Judy and Hugh, and before she died in 2002, she and Aubrey put together the family that became her focus and passion.

Betty's son, Ken and his wife, Anna.
Ken has been with Bridgestone many, many years and
Anna has been with National Health most all her
adult life. Both are valuable to their employers.

Ken and Anna's son Casey.

Betty's daughter, Leigh and her husband, Mike.
Leigh is manager at Maggie Moo's and Mike is employed

with USA Today

Leigh and Mike's beautifully combined family:
Mickenna, Todd, Autumn, Thomas, Leigh, Jacob and Mike (center)

Betty and Aubrey's sons by Divine love.

Betty's heart and home had an over abundance of love for three boys that came to her as babies and learned to call her Mama. Boy, was she proud!

<- Pictured here with Betty and the boy's grandparents are: Joseph, Matthew and Jason.

This is Jason's son Jaylyn, another grandchild she wanted so badly to spoil!

The heart story behind the drummer boy...

When planning a service for Betty, Hugh said he felt like he needed to eulogize Betty. I said fine and she would like nothing better than for him to sing. He did both, singing "Look for me for I will be there too." During his eulogy he said that a Deputy posted at the Courthouse said he did not know who would stand up and take her place. Hugh told him that he would have to do that because he had been taught by the best. The Deputy said that she certainly marched to the tune of a different drummer. Hugh said he thought a lot about that overnight and he decided that "Betty was the drummer." I started the next week looking for little drummers for my children for Christmas.

Note: Aubrey has done a good job keeping the family together since Betty's death and we are grateful to him. He is now recovering from a recent open heart surgery operation and once again God has blessed us with his strength and perseverance.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Judy, my third daughter and child...

Judy found her Prince Charming in 2000. He swept her off her feet and they have been riding the white horse ever since.

Judy came with three beautiful children, Rob, Abby and Chad

Chad, the oldest, is a Special Agent with a service, but it a secret. Among many other things, he guarded and protected our presidential candidates and now travels with our president,
when needed with his security team.

Chad married Lisa who is a personal trainer and the mother of Kyle and Gaege.
The grands are Judy's pride and joy.

Rob, came next and has been on the move ever since. This talented young man loves travel and spends much of his time with his camera exploring the world!

How can we put Abby into a few words. The protected sister of her brothers, beautiful, a runner, a business tycoon (she owns her own house cleaning business) a teacher since the age of three and after graduation in May, a real life teacher! Abby is also the best friend to the family dog, Allie .

Judy is a highly regarded dental hygienist and Louis, a retired employee of Procter and Gamble (he designed the Crisco Oil bottle) and now is better known as the perfectionist, "General Nuisance", to the workman that built the couples dream house in Williamson County. Upon total completion of this beautiful antebellum home; they plan to live there happily ever after... I hope to visit often.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In no particular order...Merry is next

Merry and Terrence reside in Atlanta, GA with children in Atlanta, California, and New York.

Merry and Terrence's family.

Merry, is the supporting wife, for 31 years, of Terrence, Esq., the proud mother of this fine family, the grandmother of its nine, the keeper of family archives, the caretaker of two homes, a painter and number two daughter. Painting by Merry->

Merry and Terr's grandchildren; "The best of the best." mpc

<-Mike and Mary (Attorney and Personal Trainer), children: Joe and Isabelle

Shannon and Molly (Doctor and Fund Raiser for GA Tech), children: Morgan and Ford ->

<-Tom & Kim (Graphic Artist and Designer), children: Emily, Andrew & William

Kristin (Attorney), children: Keegan, Aidan->

<-Kate & Jeremy(Consultant to Eat Well Guide and Enviomentalist)

Beth (Paralegal, who has just taken the CA Bar exam! GOOD LUCK BETH!) ->

Schedules. Commitments. So much to do, so little time. Take, for instance, spring break. This family will be so scattered, doing their own personal things, such as baseball stuff, for Ford and Shannon, rock climbing for Molly and Morgan. The Florida sun for the Mike Regas' . Then there is Disney World, which will be William's first time, for the Sabonis-Chafee's. I am sure the rest also have plans for the Spring Fling.

Have you ever wanted to escape the pressures of the fast lane? Spending time in solitude and contemplation--to truly stop and smell the roses? Walking the tranquil hills, spraying waterfalls, humble dwellings, grazing cattle or sheep? Getting a fresh perspective and spiritual insight and experience the harmony and beauty of nature. You could also search out the heart and mind of nature's Creator and come to know Him in a deeper way.


Friday, March 6, 2009

My Children and Theirs

Starting with Hugh...
Hugh and Natali live on the knoll of a beautiful hillside, complete with barn, horses, a wonderful dog and warm log cabin. Their
Golden Retriever, Murphy, is pictured here at the barn.
He is certain to smile at you when you arrive for a visit.
Natali is from Russia and is teaching Russian by Internet,
looking at the student face to face.
Soon after she came into our family, they lost their historic
farmhouse by fire, while on a little vacation in Gatlinburg
Afterwards they rebuilt on the site, a charming log cabin.

The oldest Patton child, Josh, lives close by and his sister, Becca
owns her own home in Marietta, Ga.

Josh married soul-mate Melissa
a couple of years ago. We love her dearly. She has added much to our family.

A year after Natali came from Russia, her two sons
came and joined our family, upon arrival they had
dreams of joining the US Marines on their mind. After applying for GreenCards, waiting 9 months for that,
they returned abroad to visit with friends before committing
to four years in service. Returning home first was Kirill, who
had conversation with a Navy Officer on flight home, and
had changed his mind to Navy when he got back. He has just
finished six month aboard the USS Ronald Reagan,
as you have read before on this blog. Kirill and Elan>>>>>>>

Yegor returned home and joined the Marines and was injured
in basic training, was in sick bay for several months trying to heal and was finally given a medical
discharge and came home to heal 18 months. He finally
had to go into VA Hospital for surgery and has healed nicely.
Last year Krill married a beautiful girl Elana
who lives in Los Angles and is pictured when Kirill returned
from six months at sea. At present, Kirill, Elana,
and Yegor are visiting in Russia.

We miss them. Yegor & Becca>>>>
To be continued.

Good Day! Goodby Paul Harvey