Friday, January 25, 2008


Betty, Merry, Judy and Hugh
1953 1954
1957 19581959
1961 1962 1963
This computer has a mind of its own. I selected
the order for these pictures, but he changed them around.
What happy days these were at the House of Patton.
I have more Christmas' will have to look for them. If you
wanted it you only had to ask for Christmas. Santa tried so
hard to get it on the sleigh. A bicycle, a helmet, a football all
in the same Christmas. Dolls beds and a record player. Pretty
good for poor folks. I would love to go back for a day.
~Their Mother~

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just had to add this one. Leonard was off to work with his
new "Laptop" His first hand held Computer.

My trip to Cancun brought back several memories...

First photo with Joyce Hanna on North Shore watching
the high tide surfing. We stopped at little store of such
and bought picnic. It was a beautiful day in Hawaii.

As we were about to leave by charter bus to go to Niagara Falls, I could not find Leonard. {One who never wandered
away from me?} We finally found him in the middle of
a million dollars worth of Blue Jean with a group of hippies
having a rock concert on the concrete in front of City Hall
in Tronto.

The President Clay Johnson, below, sitting with Leonard.
This San Diego Convention was the last one for Clay.
This made it very special, since Clay was so respected
by everyone, and was stepping down as President. His
brother, David stepped into his shoes.

This made in our room in Hawaii. We were about
to go to dinner.

This was made in Las Vagas, having lunch with old
Interstate friends, June and K. B. Ray.
Having dinner in Washington, D. C. Seems all we did
was eat. This was out second trip to D. C. and we
enjoyed it more the second time around. Knew more about what
we had missed the first time.

Leonard tending bar with a couple of his friends. This
was at a mock party of the St. Louis World's Fair.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


He did, didn't he? Snow and Mama and a
hammer, grandchildren, and of course
his children, and Finn.

About 45 days before we married.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home from Cancun

My sister-in-law, Geraldine, and I took off for a little R & R in Cancun on Jan 3rd. Everyone looked at us and said, " just the two of you?" We stayed at the Blue Bay Resort and it was just great, except it was very big and spread out. We had to wait to get a little trolley each time we were ready to go somewhere, and it was a long way to the beach. The weather was a little off from usual and we only had temps in high 70's. The sun on the beach was great our last full day there, so we got a some sun and wind. We had a little balcony facing a circular wooded area in the back. The evergreens were just beautiful. They had put down very thick sod in about 15 inch pieces, skipping a couple of inches in between, giving room to spread. We could watch the boys take care of this new landscaping. It also made a great place to pray. Sometimes you need to talk to the Lord, but when and where? Resort offers few prayable moments. So even a brief opportunity is enough time until you have more. We had a couple of rain showers, which were over very quickly. Food and service could not have been any better. We loved the young Mexican boys and men around the resort. A huge swimming pool, surrounding the three new buildings, was just across from our building, and along with that was a buffet for breakfast and lunch. We came to this awesome conclusion: just because your age is four score is no reason not to try your skills at getting places, howevcr bad feet and knees are. As we lifted off from Charlotte about 10:48 last night, I told Gerry, " This ascending is my favorite part of the plane trip. I'm quite sure this will be my last ascension in this life." She said "No its not, we are going somewhere else!"

Who knows? There is more to this existence than the material side of things, when we become aware of it: the smile on that beautiful little Mexican baby; the beauty in the flowers in January; the wonderful man who lifted the rope for us and said how many, and said come with me. He saved us at least an hour of standing in line. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

So thankful for a safe and enjoyable trip.