Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In memory of Betty
May 2, 1946-October 30, 2002

Our hearts are celebrating the life of Betty.
Daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend
Today in her Heavenly Home for five years.
Thanks be to God for the Gift!

Goodnight Little Drummer.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Sunday night Katherine and I will
have our first slumber party in
63 years. Will we sleep............no
We are both so excited, I am going
to stay two nights!
We sorta got separated while she
was raising three girls and a boy.
I was doing the same thing three
girls and a boy. She was in East
Tennessee and I was in Middle
Tenn.. We have been making up
for years lost the past 15 years.
My best friend in High School.
And I love her. Her Hugh passed
away about a year before my
sweetheart did. Look at me, can
you imagine a cheerleader dressing
like that today? The number is on
the desk where I can be reached.
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore
is winged cupid painted blind."
from, A Mid Summer Night's dream
Now you know how these two wonderfully handsome men got the two

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Does this look a little like Josh, Gaege, prehaps a little like Rob?

Sunday, October 7, 2007


The Man I Married, July 15th, 1945

The father of my wonderful children

Late 60's The children are
leaving the nest
We celebrated 50 years together
God gave us 10 1/2 more.
Everything that happened in those 60 1/2
went through the Office in Heaven
and stamped "Approved"

50 Years

How blessed the one who can walk this journey
with a light grip on everything.
For all will be released, sooner or later
and I wish to practice now, moment by moment
------- the letting go ---------

As you know, Leonard was in California running
a Standard Oil Station the last two years that I
was in School. During those days, and after he came
back to help build the world's most famous city, Oak
Ridge, where he was a policeman and directed traffic
from a large wooden box in the middle of dusty and
muddy intersections. There were many letters that
went to and fro at .02 a piece. This has been a very
sad week for me. I have read 650 letters and burned
650 letters. He wanted no part of that, when I ask him
a few months before he left me, no, no. no. However he
did agree that once one of us was gone, the other could
do that. I would just love for every one of my grand-
children and great-grandchildren to read them and to
know just what love really is. Every letter sincere, humble,
every letter precious and with much dignity. There was
not a promise or a statement in any of his 400 letters that
he did not keep. He honored me, loved me, was true and
faithful to me for over 64 years. On 9/6/43 from San
Meguel, Calif, he wrote, "I HAVE YOUR HEART HERE
GETTING IT BACK. , You mean everything to me. wap
- -whisper a prayer"--

On 12/20/43 from Santa Maria, Calif. he wrote:
"If I could hold you in my arms 5 minutes I could tell if you still
loved me. Darling, I have wanted lots of things, but never
wanted anything bad enough to fight for them. But
something has come up now that I want so damn bad that
I'm going to fight for it until I draw my last breath, because
Life would not mean a thing without you sharing it with me."

On 8/29/45, while at work at the Police Station in Oak
Ridge, or out in the patrol car he wrote "Even though I am
away from you 9 hours a day I miss you. The past five weeks
have been very dear to me. Just like I expect Heaven will be
I never knew I would be so happy and my life so complete.
The word-love- grows bigger every day and Darling, you can
cook OK, just like I like it. Did you -wap- for me today, I'll
need it if I get caught writing a love letter. Always, your Husband.

Monday, October 1, 2007








May your eyes look kindly upon this family, Lord
for we need your love and guidance in our lives.
This is a family that seeks to do the right things___
to work hard for a living,
to raise up children who will contribute to society
and to be a blessing for all living.
But we know we need your constant help to do these things.
May we be filled with love and happiness__
all of us who have come from this home:
by fulfilling our responsibilities, day in and day out;
by being accountable in all our actions;
by giving whenever we can, even when it hurts;
by nurturing warmth and understanding among us.
And by always looking out for the best interest of others.
Please grant our request according to your great goodness!