Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Queen and her Princesses

Pop and Nana with Abigail, 23 years ago?
Patton Family's Princess Di

Monday, May 28, 2007


These adults are amazed at these children's
wisdom. Grandson Mike on right, his lovely
wife, Mary third from left.
Below Mike and son Joe, the great baseball
player rake leaves together.
Mike has a formal date with daughter, Isabelle

And........you have heard about that ride
Mike took Pop on going down I-75 doing
90. I am sure Popa daring him!

In the grandchildren Joe is bottom right and
Issy behind him.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Our only fights were snowball, my, my you remember how he loved snow and oh my how I loved this man, your father.
Slade's pre-K graduation.

He will soon be in Big School!

Pics from the beach......At Capt. Dave's and Joe's Crab Shack...we sure did eat alot!!!

More pics from 1/2 Marathon

Here's the finishline shot...Patrick did go by getting there with Rob's help, but it't a little blurry.
Very good of us mom! Love you

Thursday, May 24, 2007

#2 Great Grand - Moves on to High School

Here's Casey Patton Willard back in 1999 with his Kindergarten Diploma, he was so proud and actually smiled without complaining.


May 24, 2007, a little taller and acting a little more immature than back in 1999, but ready for high school. Tryouts for the basketball team at Cannon County High are at noon tomorrow, KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! The AAU team blog is CANNONCOUNTYBOYS, check it out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


He made it to the next part of training, and of course he was a leader. He is the only one with a third line on his certificate and the only one with his certificate in a leather holder. Yeah Kirill! I think he is in the desert close to Fresno, CA.


Did you just see this 15 year old great grandchild grow up right before your eyes?
So much fun looking for pix with each grand made with Popa. I will have them all
I am sure before long. Casey is ready for High School in the fall and is such a
fearless basketball player.I went to a game Saturday night and he was awesome.
Be sure to click on the pictures to see this young mans eyes.
Our second great-grandchild.
Anna has made him a blog for his team but I don't have the name now, will post later.
Anna could add a pix in basketball game.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Popa playing Dolls with the real Deals!

Pop with Chad, Rob, Josh, Abby and Becca. Becca grown up graduating
college this month, Becca riding Apache, Popa with Becca on his lap.
Last Pix my precious Mother, her daughter me, my son Hugh, his son Josh

Someone please take out the spacing!!!!!!!!!!

Another to adore

Pop with Kate, Captiva Island, he camped out on the
patio with young Kate, they ordered breakfast early.
All grown up, graduated NYU last fall. Last picture
Adored by her Mother and Sister Kim. Named for
grandfather, Katherine Patton C

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am on a roll, should have never explained how to change to jpg. If he were here today she would still be sitting in his lap.


My favorite Patton Men.
Hugh Leonard,
Joshua Leonard

Its up to you Josh, and Melissa of course.


How well I remember this night when, about 6 mo old Abbey Pace arrived in Nashville. What a wonderful night. Uncle and Aunt could not go to Memphis when Audrey arrived, We were so grateful to be a
part of this night. Would you just look at what about 16 years has done? What beauties. Audrey is graduating High
School. Congratulations to you Audrey and to your proud parents and grandparents. Love from our family

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today I went to Watertown to WHS Homecoming. This year Cheerleaders were honored.
Would you believe that I was the third next to oldest cheerleader there???? I could not
help but be reminded of a reunion a few years ago when these four from the class of
1943 had a great time. All four sweet, jolly, laughing, telling tall tales and all expecting
to be there today in 2007. They have all gone to be with the Lord now, but what a world
of memories they left. Robert Beadle 10/96, Leonard Patton, 12/05, Joe Harold Patterson
3/05, Joe McKee 7/06. Some of you were given drivers license test by Joe Harold.
He was untimately Commissioner of Tennessee Highway Patrol. The other Joe was
the brother of my sweet Sunday School teacher in the 90's, Ganelle McKee was her
maiden name.

Grandfather happiness...

This grandfather with grandchild number 5, Chad Boy. He has become Chad Man
now and is finishing up his training in Georgia to become a Special Agent., will not
say for what, because it is a secret. This grandfather was an Agent once, for 36
years of his life. Chad Man can now do his least favorite thing, put on a suit and
tie and sunglasses. Best Wishes, Chad to you, your family, God Bless

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wonderful Old Pictures

Spending three days with me before Mothers Day was Merry. We had fun putting on old pictures for Kate's archives. My beautiful oldest daughter, Betty, 8 months, and Pa'pa' at about 47 doing what he did best, being Santa. What a great dinner we had with Hugh and Natali last night for our Mothers day get together. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wind Beneath My Wings

From your first shy "I love you," whether it be at Condo # 1 or #3, whether it be at The Officers Club, whether it be in Paris, France, perhaps yelling for #3 at the races.

to your public vows of I do's, you were pulled like two strands from the tangled world and brought together by Gods grace.

Each is distinct and colorful but joined now so lovingly that sorrow - and joy likewise - for one will be felt by the other.

* A Mother's Dream.