Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A tribute to Leonard on the Anniversary of his life in heaven.

This book was the last gift that Leonard lovingly give to me before he died, December 8, 2005.  It seems a  fitting tribute to mark this day. 

   I would like to share one of  my favorite poems from Ruth Graham's book.

When my Fall comes
I wonder
Will I feel
as I feel now,
glutted with happy memories,
to let them lie
like nuts
stored up against the coming cold?
Squirrels always gather
so I'm told
more than they will ever need;
and so have I.

 What a delightful and happy life we shared for over 60 years.  We ask God to never let it end and it hasn't, our love is just as vivid today as it was July 15, 1945.   We lived without regret as our winter came.  
Thank you Sweetheart, for the gift!

"It was so very good of God to let my dreams come true, to note a young girl's cherished hopes, then lead her right to you . . . "
Ruth Bell Graham