Monday, February 27, 2012

A Visit To Atlanta

Special memories were made this past week when I took a trip to Atlanta to visit 
Steps to my bedroom
my daughter Merry and her husband, Terrence.  Steps were a bit of a problem leading to my bedroom but all else was joyous and an adventure.  I had a date night with my son-in-law while Merry took in an extra performance of her grandson's play.  I went to see that performance the following night and watched with pride as Andrew sang and danced the part of Ike in the play, Oklahoma.  What a great show!!
Our STAR after the show.

I spent that night with granddaughter, Kim and her family.  I had a lovely suite of rooms all to myself!  Kim and I had a long, sweet talk while laying on my bed, Emily joined us for a while.  William came in to say a prayer with me but I didn't see Andrew until the next morning at a delightful breakfast of chicken quiche.
   The glorious day continued when the family escorted me to grandson, Mike's house to visit with him and his dear family.  The house was bursting with grandchildren and great grandchildren when Merry and Terrence joined us to shortly take me home for a little rest.

Thanks Atlanta family for your love and attention.  I had a wonderful time!
Grandchildren, Kim and Mike

A photo for the memory book, great-grandchildren, William, Isabelle, Joe, Emily and Andrew

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine for you...

To you, my family, my friends and those in between, thank you for letting me love you and for loving me back.

Not many roses in these old Valentines. But lots of violets and forget-me-nots...

With love,
Mom, Nana or Gwen