Thursday, October 27, 2011


 Baby sister and her Court


Barking dogs- A yellow cat, Basketball - A baseball bat,

Piano playing -Mother singing, Daddy praying -Telephone ringing

Children coming - Children going, Mother cooking - Mother sewing

Brothers fighting - Sisters scratching, Blue jean knees - Need a patching

Books and music - Jack-in-the box, Tonsils - Measles, a hole in my socks

Paper dolls - Dot and Gwen, Cars and Trucks - Ed and Ken

Baby sister- In her bed, Looks like Elroy -Someone said

Company coming - All the time, Preachers, kinfolk - Come to dine

Kids bring friends -Home from school, Bring them all - Daddy's rule

Potatoe Salad - Chicken to fry, Egg Custard - Chocolate pie

Happy days - Come to me, From my bank - Of Memory

Letter from Susun this morning saying she was reading this from my blog and she wondered
if Edsel teased her with a cat when he entered Heaven.
Dorothy wrote this poem with memories from our childhood. Certainly covers everything.
I wish I knew when she wrote this, because it certainly was our life.
In those days we had either a week or two week revival and always we had the visiting preacher, visiting
song leader and our pastor and his wife for meals. Now revivals are almost a
thing of the past.
Today we wittness the reason Mother and Dad gave us this Baby Sister, so that
she could take care of us when we got old. What a Jewel she has been to Edsel
and his sweet bride during these last few months. It is almost like losing her father
again as Ed has been right there for her during all her years.
We all know Heaven is funnier this morning. He is probably Mayor by now.
and of course will watch the final game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interstate Seniors 2011

Memories are made of this...
1st pic, R. J. and Mincie Carnley, 2nd Bob Whitmore, special
friend of Frank and Nancy Bussey playing
a great accordion while old timers Johnnie Eubanks and
Kyle Heath sing. 3rd Home Office rep. J. R.Griffin points at
the singers.
Click to enlarge pictures and see Billie Ransom who was a
traveling cashier and often in the Murfreesboro Office. Billy
in white and beside her our leader Nancy Bussey.
Mr. Eubanks was District Manager at Murfreesboro
District Office several years. Mr. Eubanks claims
to be 90. Still singing as good as ever.
                                        Leonards retirement party at local restaurant in 1986.
                                             With the two best cashiers in the Company,
                                               Nancy Northcutt and Sarah Allen Jenkins.
Retirement party for Leonard given by the two cashiers at Sarah and
Walter Jenkins' home.
Nancy Northcutt and I really enjoyed this trip to
Hawassee, Ga.
Our spring meeting will be in St.Augustine.
Many brownie points to Nancy Bussey for all the efforts
she put into this successful gathering.

Always Passing it Forward...

My life is made so much sweeter, as well as easier, because of the lovely acts of kindnesses received from the people that love me.  Over and over again, I have been over-whelmed at such generosity and affection.

Indulge me as I take a moment to say thank you all for your gifts.  Your time, your love, your encouragement, your shopping trips, your fixing skills, your fish tank cleaning, your sewing skills, your house cleaning, your evening meals, your computer repairs, your phone calls, your emails, your taxi rides, your Mona a-vie deliveries, your Christmas decorating, your violin playing, your hair styling, your trash can emptying and on  and on and on!  How could I live without you!

As you have passed it forward, may it all come back to you, a hundred times fold.  As for me, all I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you with all my heart.

The pictures are from Merry, she took them when Louis delivered the paper, breakfast, beautiful vine ripe tomatoes (from his early morning Farmer's Market excursion) and Judy sent a text (so as not to wake me!) letting us know it was on the front porch.  She says this doesn't happen much in Atlanta.  I know I am blessed! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Floyd Family meet again...

THEME: 1950's
 Commerce Cumberland Presbyterian Church

There was a time in our country that every special event was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the singing of our National Anthem and a prayer before every meal.  These things have never been lost in the Floyd family.  They are still done and still valued.  It was a powerful way to open our time together.
God Bless America!

 Two of our costume winners!

Wonderful, special music by Nicholle Bagnall, Mike Headrick and Hugh Patton.

Topics for program features:
Family Sharing - Bill Floyd, Michigan
Demonstration of Wood Carving - Chris Floyd, Michigan
"Mint to Do" list by Peggy Cariasco, Il. (Terrific games, too!)

Remembering Mama - Susan Harvey Headrick (so touching and sincere)

Program Coordinators - Paulette Floyd Dorris and
Kenneth Floyd (Thank you for all you do!)

Wonderful 1950's Lunch of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and
Banana Splits (Yum!)

and THEN...

"Elvis is in the Building!"

A very exciting show by Kevin Roberts had the house rocking
and rolling.

"Elvis has left the building"

Games, gifts and well prepared food, speeches and heartfelt sharing dominated this year's reunion.  I didn't make it back to day 2 of the Floyd Family Reunion but if you, like Peggy, and "tried to give us something wonderful, so we would never forget you" succeeded!

*A very special thanks to Terry, Janet, Steve and Susan for their hard, efficient, excellent work in the kitchen  preparing lunch. 

Love to all until the next time we meet!