Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vivid Memories of Easter Past

Patton Family Easter (around 1952/53).  Back row:  Leonard and Gwen, (mother and father of Betty, Merry, Judy and Hugh), Geraldine and Johnny (mother and father of Wendell, other children not yet born), Lela and Herman Patton, (mother and father of Leonard, Geraldine and Robert, (Talmage, Phyllis and families not pictured.) and Jean and Robert, (mother and father of William and Kathy.)

Top picture: cousins, Judy, Hugh, William, Betty, Wendell, Kathy and Merry
Bottom left: Grandmother Patton, Betty and Gwen
Bottom right: Judy, Hugh, Merry and Betty

1. Putting the final stiches into each precious Easter outfits.

2. Eight freshly polished white shoes lined up and ready to wear.

3. a. "In Your Easter Bonnet"
b. "Hear comes Peter Cotton Tail"
c. "Old Rugged Cross"

4. Three little pairs of snow white gloves.

5. Happy faces with Easter Baskets in hand...all made by the REAL Easter Bunny!

6. Church with family all dressed up in our finest.

7. Always singing a solo for the Easter service special music.

8. Alternating years; lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt at the Floyd's, dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt at the Patton Farm.

9. Ham and deviled eggs.

10. Colored candy Easter Egg.

11. Four happy but tired children at the end of the day.


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