Monday, October 4, 2010

God, Make Me Worthy

Thus - -
By happy twists of life, folks pair off as man and wife.
and children come and bless their home:
Betty - gone but never forgotten -
Merry brought us Terrence and is a charming
friend as well as a daughter -
Judy, brought us Louis, and is my keeper, and with
heartfelt emotion keeps helping to make
my days sweeter -
Hugh, who brought Natalie, my advisor, protector
and as always the light of my life,
His fathers son, thank goodness.
What? no black?

With beautiful bride

Where did you find him?
Lets keep him.

When my fall comes I wonder will I feel as
I do now? How could it change?
My life had always been glutted with happy
memories, content to let them lie like nuts
stored up against the coming cold?
Squirrels always gather, so I'm told more
more than they will ever need:
and so have I.

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