Wednesday, December 8, 2010



My Sweetheart, how I long to see you, how I long to see your precious face. Today, a normal day should have been routine. But it has been full of surprises, colorful memories of moments we knew. Your smiles filled my heart and your laughter filled the air all around me. And all of my thoughts have been of you. Our youth was a beginning of relying upon God to make our dreams come true. Even as we were far apart, we continued to whisper those prayers that when the time was right we would be together and inseparable forever.We are still not separated, we don’t see each other, but you remain the most awesome part of my life, I can’t answer for you but I trust that you are able to think of me. My heart has been full of happy thoughts - - -all of you. You brought many smiles to my face today. And many tears -------
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for loving me with such a special love.
Thank you for keeping our love unspoiled, beautiful and young forever.
I pray for a dream - - -of you.

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