Saturday, February 14, 2009

Following Orders

To blog that is...
I stop somewhere in the middle of my thoughts and dreams and wonder where the wonder went. Where the wonderful moments with my husband went? Where my babies went?
Where are my teenagers?
As I reminiscence- - -I relive lots of important events that made my life so sweet.
One such moment- - - -My sweetheart came home one day at lunchtime. He began talking
about a song he kept hearing parts of every day on his car radio. He had not heard enough
of it to know the name of it nor the man singing it. As his job required him stopping and
starting very often he could never hear the whole song which he had been hearing for a few
day. He only remembered these two phases,"That's you, That's you"and "Cotton Ball
Soft." He said that every word in the song made him think of me, He just knew it was
written for me. That afternoon I sat out on a mission

to find this song that was written about me. I called a D.J. in Nashville and told him the two phases and he came up with Tennessee

Ernie Ford's song "Honey Eyed Girl." Of course we bought the album, a "78, and since
he has been gone I have found it on a CD.
Hear the words and know his precious heart. And especially know the love he had for me.

I am happy to know that each of you have such love.

"Honey Eyed Girl"
"Cotton soft - Baby cheek tender

Dew drop fresh, the whole year through

Rose bud sweet, are your lips that surrender

Honey Eyed Girl, That's you, That's you.

Fireside warm, and your arms around me

Puppy dog glad when I come home.

Always there when trouble surrounds me

Smiling through, That's you, That's you

Oak tree strong, is the love that you give me

You pillow my mind the whole day through

Tree top tall, is the feeling you give me

Blue Bird true, That's you, That's you

Cotton soft, baby cheek tender

Dew drop fresh the whole year through

And when I do wrong, who's the first to forgive me.

Honey Eyed Girl, That's you, That's you

Honey Eyed Girl------I love you.